switch RMG


RMG switch


Simple to install. Requires only a 20mm diameter hole in the deck and is held in place by an easy-to-fit nut.
    LED indicator for system status and smart battery voltage display. details
    IP67 (waterproof) touch switch.
    Battery supply range from 5 or 6 NimH / NiCd cells or 2 LiFe / LiPo cells.
    Minimum voltage for RMGSwitch operation - 3.8V. Short-term fluctuations below 3.8V can be tolerated without unlocking.
    Unlocking voltage - 1.5V. Voltage below this level will cause the RMGSwitch to unlock requiring pressing a button to restart.
    Optional mounting of Deans Ultra type connectors (Deans wiring configuration std).
    Dimensions 30mm x 24mm x 35mm.
    Weight 15g.

All connections must be protected from exposure to water.
Do not allow connectors to be thrown into the hull bilge.
Water exposure (salt or fresh) to connectors is the most common mode of failure in electric boats.


Switching operation, voltage display and LED functions

    To activate the system requires only a brief momentary press of the button.
    While the system is on the LED flashes once per second.
    To switch the system off, press and hold the button. The LED lights up continuously for 2 seconds. When the LED triggers release on the button before returning on at 3 seconds to switch the system off.
    Although the system is activated, the RMGSwitch continuously reads the battery voltage. The lowest voltage read since the last voltage time was displayed is the voltage to be displayed alongside. This means that battery performance can be monitored over time. It will show the size of voltage drop due to charging the battery by the SmartWinch.
    To display the battery voltage, press the button for less than a second. The LED will then flash the number of Volts. There will then be a pause of one second before the number of tenths of a Volt will flash. When displaying voltage the flashing frequency is 3 flashes per second.